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    Sales Tel :0315-6110806/13803310806
    Service Tel :0315-6120806
    Fax :0315-6110806
    After-sales service commitment:
    First of all thank you for choosing Kesi Da machinery products, we solemnly promise to you: we will provide you with satisfactory and thoughtful service.
    1, your purchase equipment arrived in your factory, our after-sales engineering staff than the machine first, first determine the location of the installation, and your company with loading and unloading methods.
    2, After the installation of the machine according to the type of equipment to provide 2-5 days free training, responsible for training more than two operators.
    3, since the date of purchase, our company within a year to provide users with free maintenance and replacement parts, but the expert identification is man-made improper operation, non-mechanical quality problems caused by the accident, the company will charge the cost of major components .
    4, in the warranty period, our company will arrange 1-3 free door maintenance, maintenance services.
    5, Division I fax your company received the mechanical failure, the Division I will arrange the project staff to reach your company within 24 hours of processing, remote areas not more than 48 hours.
    6, the company's products life-long package repair, after the warranty period will be appropriate to collect fees.
    7, the user made by the mechanical, electrical, process consulting, our service hotline at any time to help answer.
    8, all other contractual obligations to perform after-sales service and responsibilities.
    9, in order to facilitate the user after-sales service problems quickly and efficiently resolved, I set the relevant models in charge of engineers in charge of direct telephone, open engineers in charge of WeChat, interactive, follow-up to solve the problem.
    Semi-automatic Biaozhi machine, automatic Biaozhi after-sales charge in charge of Tel: 15176566555 Song manager
    High-speed Biaozhi machine after-sales engineer Tel: 13393250566 Su workers
    Laminating machine after-sales engineer Tel: 13931451031 Zhou workers

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