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    What are the requirements for pre-coated film in the printing industry? - Kesi Da automatic

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    Pre-coated film excellent performance, proper storage, the use of pre-coated film is very important. Pre-coating film coating process is the key factor is the temperature, speed, pressure, according to the specific circumstances of laminating machine properly adjust the relationship between the three will ensure that you cover the quality of the product.
    Note the use of pre-coated film
    1, the following circumstances will likely affect the quality of film
    The ink used in the printing is metal ink; the ink is too thick; the ink does not dry; the paper humidity is high; the surface powdering (anti-adhesion) is too heavy; the ink contains excess paraffin or silicon additive.
    If the surface tension of the ink is lower than 37 dyne, it is necessary to pay attention to check the fastness of the film after filming and carry out the post-processing test to decide whether to use the film.
    Involved in die-cutting, indentation, folding, UV polishing, grinding and other follow-up process operation, be sure to do the test, and then bulk use.
    2, the use of thin substrate products more conducive to local film after the bump process.
    3, the proposed no experience, or change the printing of raw materials, process conditions or other changes, be sure to conduct a small batch test, and then decided to use large.
    4, the use of the winter, the first pre-coating and printed materials in the operating room to reach the temperature balance after processing and use.
    5, pre-coated film apart packaging, to be placed on wooden pallets, to prohibit direct contact with the ground film.
    Jin Tu hot and cold one multi-functional laminating machine can be used for a variety of paper prints including paper, recipes, business cards, cards, cover, pictures, drawings, paper photos and other paper printed film plastic, temperature, speed can be adjusted Different kinds of different materials can be used to adjust the tension of the upper and lower roll film and the film on both sides of the film. Different media, different film materials and different equipment prints can achieve the best film coating effect to meet different professional requirements.
    Laminating Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: When the temperature of the film is enough, why is the film fastness is not good?
    A: Film temperature refers to the surface temperature of the heating roller at the point of contact between the heating roller and the pressure rubber roller at the time of coating. Usually the temperature of the laminating machine temperature sensor placed in the edge of the heating roller, the detected temperature is not exactly the film temperature, while the temperature value detected with the temperature sensor probe and the relationship between the distance between the heating roller, so Must ensure that the detection of the authenticity of the temperature, the more close to the film site covered parts, the temperature closer to the first roller, the more accurate the measured temperature. In the normal temperature conditions under the film, film fastness can be guaranteed.
    Q: After the film, pre-coated film and printed matter adhesion between the fastness change?
    A: just after the film, pre-coated film and printed matter between the fastness of only the maximum fastness of about 70%, with the passage of time, the adhesion will become larger, the maximum adhesion fastness Need about 7 days to get.
    Q: How to prevent film products rolling line, when the film from the local bump problem?
    A: rolling line or bump when there are local film problems There are several reasons, after all, is due to the pre-coated film and print the lack of binding force. So do the test in advance is to avoid a lot of film after an important means of problems. Of course, some work experience is necessary to accumulate, so in accordance with pre-coated film instructions to check the contents of the ink, one important point is that the ink must be fully dry, especially in the low temperature of the season, the ink often fake Phenomenon, a small amount of solvent remaining in the ink coating will be heated out of the heating process, resulting in pre-coated film and the binding between the printed material is not enough, when the rolling line and bump from the film phenomenon. If the use of expired pre-coating, the aging properties of the adhesive layer, can also lead to insufficient adhesion, causing the phenomenon of rolling line from the film. It is necessary to prevent the film from the ink, paper, film technology, the quality of the pre-coating itself to consider all aspects.

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